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Cyber espionage, whistle-blowers and patriotism

The recent leaks by former American National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden have raised the issue of how governments involved in comprehensive cyber espionage can protect themselves from whistle-blowers. The issue appears particularly pressing for those governments most commonly accused of being involved in cyber espionage—the American and Chinese ones. Of course, governments may make sure that their employees … Continue reading

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The right to be forgotten and the power to delete

Recently, Google was taken to court in a case in which a Spanish man, when searching for his own name, found a several-year old article according to which his house was being auctioned because of his refusal to pay his taxes. Google, however, argued that it should not have to remove such material. When employers google job applicants mistakes committed … Continue reading

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Internet and nationalism in authoritarian states

Optimistic discussions about the internet’s potential to facilitate communication across borders and by extension cross-border understanding, which ultimately would lead to world peace have been a common feature of what has been criticised as “internet-centrism”. This technological determinism has largely focused on what the internet has made possible rather than on how it is actually used (Curran 2012a, pp. 8-12). … Continue reading

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