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China and ethical dilemmas for global ICT companies

In the last few decades corporate social responsibility (CSR), i.e. a company’s compliance with ethical standards and responsibility towards society, has become an increasingly popular term to use when formulating business vision. In the ICT field, CSR can relate to issues such as digital divides, freedom of speech, human rights among other things. The globalization of ICT poses several challenges … Continue reading

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Reflections after CIRC11

  My collegues Marina Svensson and Barbara Schulte have earlier posted their reflections of the China and the New Internet World Conferences that were held in Oxford between the 14-15th of June this year. I found the conferences informative and interesting. In this blogpost I would like to add some of my thoughts that sprung out after these conferences. The … Continue reading

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The firm – state nexus in the digital sphere

Two weeks ago I was interviewed by LUM (Lund universitets magasin). One of the questions asked was how the state and firms interact in the digital sphere. The political embeddedness of Chinese ICT firms is an interesting issue. Looking back at the development for the last decade it is obvious that China has experienced an unparalleled growth in the digital … Continue reading

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Is authoritarianism per se an obstacle to innovation?

One of the themes that is at the centre stage in the digital China project is innovation. The topic is both intriguing and paradoxical in the Chinese context. Just doing a quick and unscientific Google search on innovation in China we find a polarization of opinions. On the one hand there is a collective praise of the current developments and … Continue reading

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