December 2012

Reflections on ICT use among children in Yunnan

From October to November this year I went to China to study children’s use of space. However, I was also able to observe how families and children use mobile phones and computers, and the differences in access and use of ICTs among wealthy tourists and rural residents. My research brought me to the capital Beijing, to Kunming, the capital of … Continue reading

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The latest about microblogging (weibo) in China

China is a very exciting but contradictory place when it comes to the development and impact of ICT on society and the economy. Take for example the case of microblogs/weibo 微博. I recently wrote an article (in Swedish) entitled “Public debates, activism and charity on microblogs/weibo in China” trying to summarise developments, profile of users, patterns of use, and how censorship … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Digital China Blog!

Welcome to the Digital China Research Blog! We are very excited to start our new project (funded by the Swedish Research Council ) that will run for the coming five years. This blog is intended as a platform to share news about developments in China and our own research. We very much welcome feedback and inputs! On our website you’ll … Continue reading

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