March 2013

The firm – state nexus in the digital sphere

Two weeks ago I was interviewed by LUM (Lund universitets magasin). One of the questions asked was how the state and firms interact in the digital sphere. The political embeddedness of Chinese ICT firms is an interesting issue. Looking back at the development for the last decade it is obvious that China has experienced an unparalleled growth in the digital … Continue reading

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Why so slow? Download speeds in emerging markets

Barbara wrote a blog post a few weeks ago on the state of Internet penetration in China. The figures reassured that the country remains divided with Internet adoption rates below 30 percent in Jiangxi at the lower end and more than 70 percent in Beijing at the upper bound. For those being familiar with China, or any other emerging country … Continue reading

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Blogging Children

Recently, a friend in the US posed the question about how to set up a blog for her ten-year-old daughter who very desperately wanted to start one. That directed my interest to child bloggers. Born in the late 90s or the 2000s, Child bloggers are ‘cyberkids’ (Holloway & Valentine, 2003) and belong to the ‘digital natives’: “Digital natives live much … Continue reading

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