April 2013

Fighting against Rumors in the Information age?

People’s Daily published a piece of news yesterday (April 27, 2013), titled “To stop the rumor, we speed up our work “ (阻击谣言 速度加快), which presented the rumors and facts as rumor denials on weibo platforms since a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Ya’an, China’s Sichuan Province on April 20, 2013. According to the report, one of the progresses in dealing with … Continue reading

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Documentary film and the digital revolution: Enabling alternative stories and memories

This week the Centre is hosting China’s pioneering independent filmmaker, Wu Wenguang. He and three young Chinese film directors will screen four films as part of our documentary film festival Memory and Documentary Film: Exploring Painful and Forgotten Memories in China, India, and Indonesia. After Lund Wu Wenguang will travel to New York where MoMA is doing a retrospective of … Continue reading

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The right to be forgotten and the power to delete

Recently, Google was taken to court in a case in which a Spanish man, when searching for his own name, found a several-year old article according to which his house was being auctioned because of his refusal to pay his taxes. Google, however, argued that it should not have to remove such material. When employers google job applicants mistakes committed … Continue reading

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