August 2013

Upcoming conference: ICT for Development (ICT4D) in China

On 3-4 October we will organize a conference on ICT4D in cooperation with the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be important tools for empowerment and development as they enable citizens to access information, discuss social issues, engage in economic affairs and participate in politics. However, there is also … Continue reading

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Why so fast? Upload speeds in Eastern Europe and Asia

In my last blog  I tried to show that there is a connection between broadband diffusion and real download speeds. At first glance this sounds trivial given that broadband is defined by transmission speed. But it is actually not that straight forward. In emerging broadband markets download performance will improve only marginally because ISPs add new customers at a pace … Continue reading

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Reflections after CIRC11

  My collegues Marina Svensson and Barbara Schulte have earlier posted their reflections of the China and the New Internet World Conferences that were held in Oxford between the 14-15th of June this year. I found the conferences informative and interesting. In this blogpost I would like to add some of my thoughts that sprung out after these conferences. The … Continue reading

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