September 2013

Empowerment from above, development from below, or something in between? ICT4D (ICT for Development) in China (upcoming conference)

In a recent blog, Marina has pointed to our upcoming conference on “ICT for Development (ICT4D) in China: Digital divides, empowerment strategies, and development discourses”, to take place here in Lund on October 3-4. I would like to draw attention to the last two words of the conference theme – “development discourses”. ‘Empowerment’, ‘development’ and ‘participation’ have, sadly enough, become … Continue reading

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The Latest Internet Crackdown

We have in previous blogs (see here, here, and here) discussed how the Chinese government tries to both use and control new information and communication technologies. With some 500 million users weibo has since 2009 developed into an important site for Chinese citizens to share news, debate hot topics, and network, and as such a site that the government keeps … Continue reading

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