September 2014

Insights from the Beijing conferences I: The role of video and film

Several of the presenters at the two conferences addressed the role of video and film for awareness rising, advocacy and empowerment. The digital revolution has made it easier for both independent documentary filmmakers, NGOs, ordinary citizens and scholars to make films (a topic I discussed with respect to independent documentary film in a previous blog), whereas video sharing sites such … Continue reading

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Two conferences in Beijing: Gender and communication, and ICT4D

On September 22-24 the Centre together with the Institute of Journalism and Communication at CASS organised the 5th Sino-Nordic Women and Gender Studies Conference on the topic of gender and communication as well as the 2nd Sino-Swedish ICT4D conference. Annika Pissin, Barbara Schulte and Marina Svensson from the Digital China project presented papers on, respectively, mummy blogs, ICT and education, … Continue reading

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Summary of workshop on the ICT industry in China (June 4th, 2014, Lund)

The Digital China project entails interacting and communicating with researchers from various disciplines on the issue of the digital society and China. In June earlier this year I organized a workshop, which dealt broadly with the Chinese ICT industry. The workshop was intended to bring together scholars of the Chinese ICT industry to present and discuss issues related to business … Continue reading

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Reflections on the 12th Chinese Internet Research Conference

When we argue for something on paper we like to polarise. It seems that basically any issue can be discussed controversially by identifying two opposing opinions or literature strands. Such a dialectical approach to knowledge construction suits us well because it is deeply embedded in our philosophical and hence academic understanding of the world. The 12th Chinese Internet Research Conference … Continue reading

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Digital Notes from Shanghai: On mobile phones and changes

I arrived in Shanghai last week and will in some blogs share my experiences and reflections.  This is not my first time in Shanghai as I was a student here during the period 1988-1990, i.e. before the advent of the Internet and the mobile phone. At that time many people still didn’t have a landline phone. Whenever I got a … Continue reading

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