November 2015

Digital China — Visions, Negotiations and Experiences

Barbara Schulte and Marina Svensson presented the project at a seminar arranged by the Asian Dynamics Initiative at Copenhagen University on 27 November. The presentation also addressed the Chinese government’s underlying ideology, strategy, and vision in the field of ICT, and how ICTs are envisioned and experienced among other actors such as different group of individuals, civil society organizations, and … Continue reading

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Notes from Internet Days, 23-24 November

I have just attended the annual Internet Days in Stockholm. The event is organized by IIS (The Internet Foundation In Sweden), which is an independent organization working to promote Internet development in Sweden. The organization is responsible for Sweden’s top-level domain .se (and also .nu), registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain-name registry. … Continue reading

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E-Governance in Asia: Strengthening Transparency and Accountability?

Jesper Schlæeger, postdoctoral fellow at the Centre, is organizing a two-day event 12-13 November, on e-governance in Asia with a special focus on China and India. The event brings together a range of scholar that will discuss whether, and how, e-governance enhances openness, accountability and empower citizens. For detailed programme see E-governance.

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Brief lecture on the digital society: empowerment, control, and digital literacy

Lund University’s Department of Sociology has just published a video in which I give a brief lecture on the digital society (in Swedish). Below I’m sharing the English translation of my manuscript. Digital media are everywhere. We exchange and share text, sounds, and images with each other – on our mobile phones, computers, and tablets. We buy things online. We … Continue reading

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Stockholm Internet Forum 2015: Gender and ICT

I had the privilege to attend the Stockholm Internet Forum again the other week. This was the fourth time the event was held (read my blogs from 2013 and from 2014 here and here). This year the theme was access with a special emphasis on gender equality. Women in many countries seem to be less likely to use the Internet, … Continue reading

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