April 2016

Workshop 2-3 May: Scholars, activists and filmmakers

This workshop brings together scholars, activists and filmmakers from Asia and beyond. The participants will discuss their different views of and experiences with film, including using films as a research tool, documenting and engaging with social issues, developments and injustices in and through film, and appropriating film as a form of witnessing and activism. At the workshop we will screen … Continue reading

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China’s growing E-commerce hitting the countryside: Nongcun Taobao

China is not only the world’s biggest Internet nation in terms of absolute numbers of Internet users, it is also a huge market for e-commerce. According to Nielsen there are 380 million online shoppers and online sales contribute to 11% of total retail sales. The spread of smartphones is helping this trend, and in 2015 71% of urban online shopper … Continue reading

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Hans Christian Andersen Award 2016

At the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna beginning of April, Cao Wenxuan 曹文轩, a Professor of Children’s Literature at Beijing University (see the Wikipedia entry and the longer baike entry), received the biennal Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international award for children’s literature: “His fluid, poetic prose depicts honest, sometimes raw and often melancholy moments of life.” (see also the … Continue reading

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ICT in a rural boarding school

A selective review of Mette Halskov Hansen’s Educating the Chinese individual: life in a rural boarding school (2015), University of Washington Press During fieldwork in a rural boarding school between 2008 and 2012 Mette Halskov Hansen observed that “it was mobile phone use among [students that symbolized intensified modernization of the rural boarding school, the students’ growing demand for individual … Continue reading

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