Gendering ICTs: Access and Feminist Activism in China

On 8th September Professor Bu Wei will give a lecture on the topic of gender and ICT at the Centre. Bu Wei is based at the Institute of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing. Her research covers a range of topics related to communication for social change and ICT. She has published extensively on issues related to how children, women, and migrant workers use different kinds media, as well as on issues related to girls’ development, HIV/AIDS, trafficking of children and women. Bu Wei has also served as a consultant to different UN organizations, including UNICEF.

Her talk will discuss some key concepts and some facts regarding gender and ICTs in a Chinese context, exemplifying with cases of feminist activism since the 1990’s. The talk will highlight the strategic potential and need of appropriating digital technologies in order to empower women and improve gender equality in Chinese society.


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