New Publication: Growing Up in Mommy’s Blog – Raising Girls’ Voices in China

This article introduces child-raising blogs in China. Written by mothers and their 6- to 12-year-old offspring, child-raising blogs contain diverse material from and about a child’s daily life and issues relating to a mother raising her offspring. Six blogs from mothers and their daughters are studied under the aspect of generational relations and the voice of children online with the aim of understanding whether or how child-raising blogs in China are part of a changing discourse about the mother-daughter relationship. The article finds that as the objectified state of cultural capital, blogs present a smoothed-out hierarchical relationship between mother and daughter, and carry the possibility of bestowing a voice on children. Due to their continuous and permanent structure, which records opinions and content deemed important by the authors, blogs could be a catalyst or at least a magnifying lens for changes that are already occurring in family relations offline.

Asiascape: Digital Asia, Volume 2, Issue 3, pages 213 – 237

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