Researching the Chinese Internet, 13th November, Lund

At this one day conference we have invited speakers from different disciplines, including political science, anthropology, and media and communication, who will share their research and offer insights into different approaches and methodologies while researching the Chinese Internet.

Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Scheelevägen 15, Room Alfa 1010


09.15-09.20 Welcome remarks

09.20-10.00 Mass-Communication or Mass-Dissemination? How National History Discourses are Managed in Digital China, Florian Schneider, Leiden University

10.00-10.15 Discussion

10.15-10.30 Break

10.30-11.10 Digitalisation instead of Democracy: Online Complaints as Drivers of Regime Institutionalization in China Christian Göbel, Lund University/University of Vienna

11.10-11.25 Discusson

11.25-12.05 Angels and Devils: Dynamics of Chinese Social Media, Ning Wang, Oxford Internet Institute

12.05-12.20 Discussion

12.30-14.15 Lunch break

14.15-14.55 From Chinese Primary Schools to Digital Writing Practices of Children, Gladys Chicharro Saito Université Paris 8

14.55-15.10 Discussion

15.10-16.00 Concluding discussions

November 13, 2014

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