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Digital youth: risks and opportunities

This year’s Journal of Youth Studies Conference hosted a number of presenters who addressed youth and the digital world from a risk/opportunity perspective. Digital media, and in particular social networking platforms have proven to be opportune tools when contacting and communicating with youth, for example in youth work. (Look e.g. at these guidelines, which talk of “golden opportunities.) However, as … Continue reading

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The Sprayers of the World Wide Web – or about Fighting Surrogate Battles

Some weeks ago, Karl had a blog here about the right to be forgotten and the dilemma one faces when transplanting this right into the digital age: things, once in the World Wide Web, remain glued to the digital collective memory – substantiated claims and little jokes alike. Graffiti (in the real world) often works the other way round – … Continue reading

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Hacking, childhood, and rules

From an article via security reports to cyberwar and back On October 25, 2012 the New York Times published an article about the financial situation of Wen Jiabao that had several consequences, among which the blocking of the New York Times site in China, and David Barboza, the author, receiving a Pulitzer prize on April 16, 2013. The article about … Continue reading

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Blogging Children

Recently, a friend in the US posed the question about how to set up a blog for her ten-year-old daughter who very desperately wanted to start one. That directed my interest to child bloggers. Born in the late 90s or the 2000s, Child bloggers are ‘cyberkids’ (Holloway & Valentine, 2003) and belong to the ‘digital natives’: “Digital natives live much … Continue reading

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Reflections on ICT use among children in Yunnan

From October to November this year I went to China to study children’s use of space. However, I was also able to observe how families and children use mobile phones and computers, and the differences in access and use of ICTs among wealthy tourists and rural residents. My research brought me to the capital Beijing, to Kunming, the capital of … Continue reading

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