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Notes from Internet Days, 23-24 November

I have just attended the annual Internet Days in Stockholm. The event is organized by IIS (The Internet Foundation In Sweden), which is an independent organization working to promote Internet development in Sweden. The organization is responsible for Sweden’s top-level domain .se (and also .nu), registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain-name registry. … Continue reading

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WeChat: The first Chinese social media product with a global appeal

I began using WeChat 微信 in April this year, again like in 2010 when I started to use weibo, because Chinese friends and colleagues were all using it, and I felt the pressure to start using it in order to connect with friends and stay updated. Already in February, Techinasia claimed that 2013 would be WeChat’s year and so it … Continue reading

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The Sprayers of the World Wide Web – or about Fighting Surrogate Battles

Some weeks ago, Karl had a blog here about the right to be forgotten and the dilemma one faces when transplanting this right into the digital age: things, once in the World Wide Web, remain glued to the digital collective memory – substantiated claims and little jokes alike. Graffiti (in the real world) often works the other way round – … Continue reading

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The latest about microblogging (weibo) in China

China is a very exciting but contradictory place when it comes to the development and impact of ICT on society and the economy. Take for example the case of microblogs/weibo 微博. I recently wrote an article (in Swedish) entitled “Public debates, activism and charity on microblogs/weibo in China” trying to summarise developments, profile of users, patterns of use, and how censorship … Continue reading

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