Two conferences in Beijing: Gender and communication, and ICT4D

On September 22-24 the Centre together with the Institute of Journalism and Communication at CASS organised the 5th Sino-Nordic Women and Gender Studies Conference on the topic of gender and communication as well as the 2nd Sino-Swedish ICT4D conference. Annika Pissin, Barbara Schulte and Marina Svensson from the Digital China project presented papers on, respectively, mummy blogs, ICT and education, and environmental activism and ICTs.

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The gender and communication conference was the 5th in a series of Sino-Nordic Women and Gender Studies conferences that since 2001 has been organised triennially and alternatively are hosted in Chinese and Nordic universities. Each conference has a specific theme, and this was the first time that communication, representation in media, and the role of media for gender advocacy were being addressed. The conference gathered 85 participants, and included keynotes by renowned gender and media scholars such Raewyn Connell, Sunera Thobani, Monika Djerf-Pierre, and Cai Yiping. 33 papers were presented dealing with a variety of issues related to gender equality, representation, voice and activism in traditional and new media. The conference has been briefly reported on in the Chinese media, including by the China Women’s Daily , see also here (this is a brief report in English).

7427ea210a1f158a40e926The second conference was a follow-up to the ICT4D conference that took place in Lund in October 2013. The conference gathered 37 participants and included presentations by both academics and NGO representatives on topics such as gender and ICTs, migrant workers and ICTs, NGOs and ICTs, community media and advocacy, addressing both Chinese and international experiences in these fields.


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