Workshop 3 March: Visions, Resistance and Possibilities for Empowerment

At this workshop three project members from the Digital China research group and one affiliated researcher will present their work. They will discuss various aspects of the Chinese government’s underlying vision and strategy but also address possibilities and processes of resistance and empowerment among different group of citizens made possible through ICTs. Svensson will address both the top-down and bottom-up visions and negotiations and forms of resistance, whereas Brehm provides a comparative empirical analysis of how political institutions shape internet adoption. Gustafsson adresses memory making online, one particular form of resistance and empowerment, whereas Liu looks at contentious collective action and its digital dimensions which is a more direct form of resistance.

Marina Svensson, “The Internet and Human Rights in China: Official visions and grassroots resistance”

Stefan Brehm, “The political user value of the internet – a theoretical and empirical investigation into regime-dependent technology adoption”

Karl Gustafsson, “Collective memory 2.0: Remembering and forgetting on the internet in China”

Liu Jun, “From ‘moments of madness’ to ‘the politics of mundanity’ – research digital media and contentious collective action in China.”

3 March, 2016, 9.15-13.00.

Location: Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Scheelevägen 15, Room Alfa 101

Open event, all are welcome!

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